Team vitality, complete program, open platform – full value representation, effective cost control

1.the value of expression


○ suitable for the industry at this stage the pain point of the overall solution;

○ Deep customization of laundry engineering and process management;

○ open platform, win-win reciprocal relationship, the parties involved in the high degree;

○ Remove customer concerns about late service and upgrade;

○ Industry technical leaders and core team of market influence;

○ strategic cooperation platform, exquisite manufacturing process and appearance modeling;

○ capital operation, all chips, listed.

2. Cost control

○ Light assets operation, close and complementary partners to ensure processing;

○ mature technology accumulated over the years, research and development costs are relatively low;

○ technical and network marketing, cut off unnecessary marketing channels and costs;

○ customer pull and participation, quick access to market reputation and promotion;

○ Effective control mechanism for project cash flow;

○ Specialized supply chain supporting the effective integration of external resources;

○ Equity is better than creditor’s rights.

Post time: Apr-10-2018